Mokens industry was founded in 2009 with research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the import and export office furniture, school furniture, Leisure furniture, etc.

The company deals with the export and retailing of office and school and home furniture as well as various accessories related to the furniture sector. We provides both many kinds of furniture and consulting service to help our clients and there ever changing needs.

The company has a distribution department that manages wholesale sales and exports and a Bids & Tenders department that manages the Government and Private furniture contracts.

The company also has a fully staffed accounting and logistics department, a technical team, customer services department, marketing department and a dedicated sales team. The company serve the local market and has partnered with various customers from all over the countries to ensure the best service with the best prices.

Mokens industry is committed in developing its market share and image in the market with a much focused marketing strategy that includes above and below the Line marketing. The company is actively expanding into other specialties in the furniture sector and is partnering with dependable customers committed to high standards of service and quality  which Mokens industry holds as its ethos.